tabula rasa

“Pärt likes bells, literally and figuratively in his music. He also likes space and silence.”

shack montana

“Part of Pärt’s breakthrough, Layton says, came from hearing just three notes in a supermarket.”

“Over the public address system one hears the sound ‘doo, doo doo’ — Layton sings three descending tones — ‘Could so-and-so please go to till No. 25?’ Now that sound is called a triad in music, but it’s actually the building block of all music in the Western world.”

leaf closeup

“Pärt realized the beautiful simplicity of the triad and ran with it. He called his newfound style ‘tintinnabuli,’ a word referring to little tinkling bells. Another ingredient in the recipe is silence.”

Going to the sun road Glacier NP

“On the one hand, silence is like fertile soil, which, as it were, awaits our creative act, our seed. On the other hand, silence must be approached with a feeling of awe.” — Arvo Pärt

–Adapted from The Silence and Awe of Arvo Part, NPR