our alternate constructs

“Consciousness does not passively represent the external environment and the body; rather, it actively and continuously constructs and revises a model of the body and the external world.”

“Processing limitations constrain the conditions for the construction of momentary consciousness.”

“The brain samples selectively and self-organizes what it will use to construct an immediate reality. Attention is a part of this process, directing the focus of ongoing construction and governing the rate at which the brain either shifts or fixates the reality it constructs.”

Re: Music and Pain — “The brain can modulate the entry of nociceptive signals from tissue trauma in to consciousness.” Pain and cognitive processing has been shown to share the same resources and neural areas — “Increasing the dimensionality of a competing activity [musical monitoring] will increase the cognitive and emotional resources allocated to that activity relative to those allocated to pain.”

Bradshaw et al., Effects of music engagement on responses to painful stimulation

“Are we all just a big bag of voxels?”… constructing reality to our own ends and means?



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