daphnis et chloe

“A meadow at the edge of a sacred wood. In the background, hills.”

Honduras countryside

“The earth opens. The fearsome shadow of Pan is outlined on the hills in the background, making a threatening gesture. Everyone flees in horror.”

Cracks in ice

“Suddenly the air seems laden with a strange feeling; small fires are lighted by invisible hands.”

water from fountain

“At daybreak bird-songs are heard, shepherds arrive to find Daphnis and waken him. Chloe is brought to him. They embrace, and then together mime the legend of Pan and Syrinx.”

daybreak yellow flowers



The Inaugural Post: Neuron

Beaver Creek Resort in Colorado, December 2009. The weather was frigid, but the frozen lake was the most glorious thing I’ve ever seen. How often do you get a glowing sunset, gorgeous mountains, and the cracks in the ice forming a beautifully shaped neuron??