clinical music

“There is overlap between the emotional and social aspects of relating to sick patients and communicating emotion to others through music.” ~Mark Jude Tramo, neurologist, musician

“It is a means whereby one is lifted away from the essential loneliness of clinical decision making and action, into a world of a common enthusiasm and endeavor as the group searches for the beauty of sound [and] the composer’s intent, and those few hours have what can only be described as a healing function.” ~Michael Lasserson, double bass, family physician

“There is alsot he risk taking that offers parallels between medicine and music. It takes a certain amount of fortitude to slice open a patient’s abdomen with a scalpel. No less is required to take on Mahler’s seventh or the late Beethoven string quartets.” ~Danielle Ofri, internist, cellist

“Beauty is not something that gets much shrift in medicine… Beauty is inherently unpragmatic — it doesn’t enhance efficiency, increase productivity, earn a grant, or cure a patient… But perhaps there is indeed something in medicine that is related to beauty. After all, medicine is about life — the wriggling, sensual, bodily aspects of being alive.” ~Danielle Ofri

“Novelists, opera singers, even doctors, have in common the unique and marvelous experience of entering into the very skin of another human being.” ~Willa Cather


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