free will and determinism

“What would happen if people came to believe that their behavior is the inexorable product of a causal chain set into motion without their own volition?”
–Vohs and Schooler

“The human mind understands and explains events in terms of deterministic causality, but perhaps that says more about the way the mind operates than about reality per se.”
— Baumeister et al.

“Of course, our results have nothing to say about whether free will is an objective reality. All of our findings could be perfectly valid even if free will is a complete illusion.”
— Baumeister et al.


2 thoughts on “free will and determinism

  1. Two things that your post reminds me, which I forget easily:
    1. One way to photograph is to create a scene to capture a feeling, rather than re-create what was seen in the eye, to share with others. Sometimes I do the former, but I’d like to explore it more. It’s one of your strengths, I feel.

    2. Words can really change the conception and view of a photo. All of my photos stand alone. If I took some of your photos, I would discard them; I don’t feel they are “clear” enough when they stand alone, to draw out some feeling. But with some words, the photos you post have powerful emotions, and fit very well. Since really it’s all about evoking particular feelings or emotions, I’d like to be able to explore this more too.

    Nice post 🙂


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