endless forms most beautiful

Sometimes, nature imitates itself.

Remind anyone of this graphic?

“One is only micrometers wide. The other is billions of light years across. One shows neurons in a mouse brain. The other is a simulated image of the universe. Together they suggest the surprisingly similar patterns found in vastly different natural phenomena.” Reblogged from The New York Times > Science

Similarly, a lone evergreen overlooking Loveland Pass, Colorado…

… Evocative of axons of neurons stripped of boutons (the neural connections each healthy nerve cell should sprout many of.) Not plentiful in underutilized neurons:

Thus, on a broad scale:

Not watering your evergreens ~= not watering your brain

Deforestation ~= Synaptic pruning

Evergreens, ironically, The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Something vast to think about…

And not so vast – sometimes man imitates nature as well 🙂


2 thoughts on “endless forms most beautiful

  1. 1st picture: I see two ballerinas from different generations, waving their arms, fingers softly cross the air… I feel they are equally young, spiritually. AND they are beautiful!
    2nd: I’ll leave for real physicist comment on it, as I only work in between these two marvelous pictures.
    3rd & 4th: ah, pruning – that’s what right education will provide you, starting young!
    6th: Darwin noted this, too.
    7th: my personal favorite – life is fun! Just wondered what animal he was trying to make: a turkey? A side note, see that beautiful color geyser makes and remember that DNA polymerase was initially extracted from those geysers. Isn’t that amazing?

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