the stars and stripes forever

This Independence Day, we celebrate the various ways you too can display your brimming-over patriotic pride.

The imposing, iconic US Capitol:

Flags on the Potomac at sunset:
[Georgetown Harbor]

Or embrace your cutting-edge originality by avoiding generic tourist shot:

Volunteer to reenact a key battle in American history. By all means, with much gusto and enthusiasm!
[Harper’s Ferry, WV]

You may be paying a visit the epitome of American cities, The Big Apple

Where, in true American fashion, you can buy organic coffee from hippie trucks:
[Greenwich Village]

Or, if that’s not to your liking, literally jump ship to Canada
[border of upstate NY and our aforementioned northern neighbor]

Yay piccolo solo [1:50]!

Not exactly me under Leonard Bernstein’s baton right there, but oh, have I lived and have I loved. Yay America!


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