If photos go as food does, there should be an overwhelming abundance. So here you go – a smorgasbord of foody photos to the excess!!

Raspberries in Sodus, NY

Blueberries in Sodus, NY

Olive oil in Sodus, NY

Preserved jams in Sodus, NY

Teapot in Lhasa, Tibet

Wines in Mannheim, Germany

Mozartklugel in Salzburg, Austria

Tomatoes in Pennsburg, PA

Maize in Pennsburg, PA

Apples in Pennsburg, PA

Chopsticks in Chengdu, Sichuan

Latte in Los Angeles, CA

Liquors in New York City

Jellies in Toronto

Peppers in Rochester, NY

Peaches in Rochester, NY

Red hot chili peppers in Rochester, NY

Ice cream cones in Sackets Harbor, NY

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Edit – since having Thanksgiving dinner and reevaluating my eating history, how could I forget these (documented) splendid food experiences? –

Thai mango salad in Toronto

Mom and Dad buying jerky in Breckenridge, Colorado

Cracked chili peppers in Lhasa, Tibet

Philly cheese steak in… Philly

Melange in Vienna, Austria


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